What a potent, powerful, expression of light there has been in 2014. Change is constant, but the speed at which old structures have been ripped away to provide for new growth has been startling and illuminating. Humanity is being carried forwards on a crest of a wave. 2014: 20/2 (birth, brotherhood) + 14/5 (movement, communication, structure, light) = 2+5= 7 (progression, fusion, truth). From political and social uprisings, to Scottish devolution, to the outbreak of strange viruses, to volatile weather patterns – we are being reminded that life changes every second, forever. But by shining light on matter and turning inward towards soul, suddenly everything makes sense and becomes crystal clear.

Light sustains life on earth. Light is purifying, moths flock to the light, and plants grow upwards towards the light. People of Goodwill become conscious ‘light workers’ as they give out the light. Light pervades the darkest corners – only in the darkness do we see the light. So what does the Numerology of Light reveal?


L (3)+ I (9)+ G (7)+H (8)+T (2) = 29/11/2 = Light, Love, Passion, Soul Aspiration and Wisdom. This uplifting energy provides opportunities to purify our mind and emotions, gain clarity, and align soul and personality. We can channel the light. It highlights education, service, humanitarian work and cosmic consciousness. We make conscious wise decisions that bring more light into the world.

L = 3. The first letter of Light begins with the 12th letter of the alphabet or the number 3 (12; 1+2=3). Number 3 represents The Trinity / mother, father, child / divinity, protection, expansion. It brings the quality of joy. If it’s sunny outside we feel good. When soul is shining we are being ourselves and uplifting others. Light is being expressed on earth – we get busy, we give, create, and follow through. We demonstrate love in every way.

I = 9. The second stage of the journey continues with the 9th letter of the alphabet. Number 9 contains qualities of all the other numbers (1-9) within. Through experience we gain wisdom, compassion, kindness and understanding. We become shining heroes and set a good example to others. Good citizens of the world who provide selflessness service. Education is of utmost importance. Discrimination enables us to apply the right use of knowledge and power.

G = 7. The central stage is represented by the 7th letter of the alphabet. Number 7 fuses spirit and matter producing manifestation. Healing. Bringing light into our personal eco systems renders us fragile at times; we steady our nerves, calm our emotions, and get out of the way. At the centre point there is a need for transparency, honesty and integrity. Humanity learns to follow the path of truth (spirit).

H = 8. The fourth step is the 8th letter of the alphabet. Number 8; revaluation, initiation and rebirth. Let’s wake up, grow up and become pure light conductors. Here we’re taking stock of the process. Light helps us to clear the past. We stop struggling and align to our highest good. Karma provides us with responsibilities; spiritual trials and tests of strength become our greatest teacher. Humility opens the gateway to heaven. This energy provides the potential for tangible change.

T = 2. The fifth stage is the 20th letter of the alphabet or Number 2 (20; 2+0 = 2). Harmony and peace is achieved through sharing and cooperation. Ray 2 is the energy of our Solar System; we develop soul sensitivity. At this conclusive stage the wise Goddess offers a space for the birth of the light to take place. We learn to love the brotherhood of man; we offer warmth and kindness.

Humanity is becoming a shining beacon of light. Life is inspiring.

© 2014 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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