Numbers In The News 50. Scotland Decides.

The UK is a tiny island, a drop in the ocean, but there is a powerful gigantic wave moving towards us – the Vote for Scottish Devolution or Independence. History books depict a united nation that has worked hard at blending cultural differences and keeping the family together. So what has happened to its relationship and why does Scotland want to go its separate way now?

Scotland 25/7 + England 30/3 = 55/10/1. Pure will. Together they create a dynamic whirlwind and the possibilities of conscious positive change, yet they can sink into a deadlock of procrastination and complacency. Together these two magnetic nations can achieve unity. 55/10/1 highlights innovation, new ideas, a pioneering spirit, and a force for good. Yet these countries may individually want to flavour the quality of leadership with their own ideas, and do it their way. This relationship is governed by a 1(independence) and a 55; the message is keep communicating, apply common sense, and motivate each other to take new steps ahead towards common goals.

The Voting Date is 18.9.2014 (18+9+7 = 34/7).
This date highlights the possibility of a natural outcome yet it has a powerful bite. Is Scotland dreaming about the possibility of a new ideal that in reality may not exist? Are the facts clear? This date can help to enhance understanding between the people of Scotland and England whatever the outcome.

The Day (18th) and Month (September = 9) are both 9s, highlights transformation, acceptance, adaptation and wisdom – Scotland and England have been here before. ‘United We Stand’; this saying relates to Group Work (soul) and influences far beyond geographical boundaries (personality).

The general week number is 38/11/2; highlights collaboration, co-operation, sharing, and the power to breakthrough in challenging situations.

The Year Number 2014 (20+14 = 34/7) is provoking much reflection, productivity and truth. 20/2; measuring where we’ve been and where we are now, caution, decisions. 14/5; structure, knowledge, and responsibility of speech.

The Power of Yes – The Power of No.

YES = 13/4. Black and white opportunities. Spiritual growth. Are we going for transformation?

NO = 11/2. Clarity, purification, inspiration. Service to the group.

Yes or No provides choice. It’s a time to plant seeds in fertile ground so that they can provide a solid blueprint for the future. The world is giving birth to the light, awakening to a new reality, and Scotland and England are but a part of this greater process.

© 2014 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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