NUMBERS IN THE NEWS (21): The Power in Unity

Scotland (25/7) may choose Devolution (47/11/2), but is this a step forwards or back? Geological movements of landmasses have always pulled apart, then re-joined or merged with other land to form a greater whole. This cleverly demonstrates the resistance nature has to evolution, yet this very process finally catapults it forwards. Shifts in the earth arise from inner shifts in consciousness and that creates – change. 

From the world’s perspective, Britain is a tiny little dot on a very large map. One land mass surrounded by sea; 3 countries, 3 in 1; (The Trinity). With Irelandit forms the UK– a 4th country (creating a solid structure).  Whilst we are all unique, we are also parts of the whole.

Devolution – a breaking away – may be useful. It may helpScotlandto ‘find itself’ or to recognize what it has to contribute to the rest of the world, so that it can shine. When a family member leaves ‘home’ it’s painful, but they may be the one leading the rest of the group into the light – pioneering a new path ahead. It may be a very necessary journey.

2012 (5 Year) is about enhancing connections at every level – and the world is connecting up. For example, anyone anywhere in the world can read the same Twitter messages and instantly share the same ‘real-time’. Telepathy is even faster than computers and another method of communication that is likely to increase during this 5 Year Cycle.  

Year 2012: –

2+0+1+2 = Year 5. Communication, Movement, Change.

20+1+2= Year 23/5. Freedom, Imagination, Sensitivity.

20+12 = Year 32/5. Creativity, Openness, Joy.

3 in 1 – The Trinity: we all look at life little differently according to our makeup. 

SCOTLAND =25/7. This number highlights the ability to manifest change, and enhances trust, honesty and integrity. In this 5-Year Cycle,Scotland is communicating what it needs to do in order to progress.

DEVOLUTION = 47/11/2. Highlights an alignment to the bigger picture and the manifestation of the greater plan. Disappointments occur if the dream isn’t realistic or well executed. This number helps to dispel illusion, and supports the decision making process.

So the possibility of Devolution forScotlandis another good example / reflection of the inner process of changes taking place all over the world. The 5 Cycle will push through any changes necessary for our highest good. See what happens.

© 2012 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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