NUMBERS IN THE NEWS: Why Tweet in 140 Characters?

The most pressing question in Twittersphere is, ’Why only limit messages to 140 characters? There may be some important technological reason but when we glance at the Numerology it’s obvious… 140 or 14/5 represents communication, movement, information and knowledge. It also highlights the highly creative life force within us, so it’s an incredibly potent vibration with the power to create change. So each and every single word can really make an impact. The 14/5 can also be addictive – we may have noticed!

The right use of a 14/5 is to go deeper within ourselves to question life, make sense of life – what is it all about? News reporting on twitter is one angle where people can constructively express what’s happening in ‘real time’ – and at the same time keep us all ‘plugged in’. At a deeper level we are all connected, but Twitter is helping us to recognize the human connection.

 So are 140 characters useful? 14/5 represents freedom, and with that comes responsibility of speech, respect, and at times the need for restriction. On Twitter messages are delivered instantly, but eventually we may simply use our minds to communicate.

 © 2011 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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