There are 28 days of February and 29 in any Leap Year. An additional day is added in February every 4 years to adjust the natural variances of the seasonal cycles to the actual calendar.

29th or 29/11/2 (2+9 = 11; 1+1= 2) is a fantastic day for taking a leap of faith and aligning to our highest spiritual potential. It can help us fulfil our aspirations and engage with loved ones at a deeper level. The number 11 encourages us to offer all that we have…our wisdom, our love, our kindness, our inspirational gifts, and perhaps even our souls…to the highest good, and for us to do what’s best.

In some countries it’s a tradition for women to propose to their loved ones on 29th February. Number 2 represents the feminine, sensitive, intuitive, receptive energy, which is found within us all however. So it’s a wonderful day for the bonding together of souls within any relationship. Sometimes the 11 with its fiery and temperamental aspects can raise our hopes so high, and it can serve us by waking us up to reality so that we can see life clearly.

Leap Years happen only every 4 years. The 4 vibration highlights friendship and loyalty, determination and endurance, and helps us to ground our intentions and make them tangible. So if a relationship’s worth waiting for… we can take responsibility and work at it. The 4 provides us with opportunities to change our lives (instead of getting stuck in the mud) and the 29/11/2 keeps situations refreshed.

So it’s decision time in love, and we can all be inspired by truth and by the passion of soul.

© 2012 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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