How proud it feels to be a host nation for The Olympic Games, and to welcome in our neighbours to share in this momentous event. Every 4 years (4 the link between past, present and future) a different country prepares itself – with inspired creativity – to welcome in the light. This year, the Olympic Torch Light arrives in the UK on 11.4.2012 (= 20/2); this date highlights inspiration, wisdom, birth of consciousness, and encourage us to use our gifts.

The Sacred Flame or Torch will begin its journey from Greece at The Temple Of Hera. Here the torch will be lit from the rays of the sun on the site of the ruins of the original Olympic Games in 726 BC (= 15/6), which were held in Honour of Zeus. This ancient date highlights community, culture, love, fairness, respect, truth and wisdom. Hera is the Hero or Soul that’s continually directing and bathing us in (sun) light. But are we looking for heroes at The Olympics, or are we truly grasping that deeper message of universal unity and hope?

The Torch will remain in UK for 70 days (manifestation of truth), and the Torch Relay begins on 19.5.2012 (=29/11/2). This date highlights light, love, wisdom, inspiration, and spiritual alignment.

During this 5 Year (2012) of connection, communication, and change, 8000 Torch Light Bearers will transport the 800 grams, 800 mm high (UK made) gold Olympic Torch, which is also made out of 800 perforated circles, to London. Number 8 (eternity), highlights tests of strength, responsibility, spiritual initiation, competition and success. The Torch has been perforated to allow transparency so that the Heart Of The Fire can be seen by all (clear soul light). The 8000 Torch Relay Team is spreading important news, and its group work at its best – everyone has the chance to shine from within.

The Torch will illuminate the Olympic Cauldron, which rests above the Olympic Stadium, on 27.7.2012 (=39/12/3). This date highlights commitment, self- sacrifice, and prolific creativity. Numerologically, the ‘Olympic Torch’ adds up to 67/13/4, emphasizing the light within us has the power to transform, wake up, and to create positive change.

The Olympics wonderfully demonstrates the essence of The Trinity (3). The Olympic Committee has 3 bodies – culture, education and sport. Historically the Olympic Games were built upon 3 qualities Respect, Excellence, and Friendship. The Motto of the Olympics has 3 elements – ‘Faster (speeding up of spiritual vibration), Higher (reach our soul potential), and Stronger (tests of strength upon the Path).

The London Olympics closes on 12.8.2012 (=25/7), which offers us the chance to recognize the power of self-expression, creative input, and soul communication. It also has the power to bring the world together, to uplift and bring great joy.

© 2012 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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