Numbers In The News (32). Media Ethics Is Of Public Interest.

2012 = 2+0+1+3 = 5. Year 5: freedom of speech, communication, change, learning to be mindful. What is it about 2012 that has made everyone so vocal? The Year Number says it all.

For many years the UK trade union body NUJ (National Union of Journalists) has been campaigning for a ‘Conscience Code’ to be written into journalists’ employment contracts. This states, ‘…A journalist has the right to refuse assignments or be identified as the creator of editorial which would break the letter or the spirit of the Code….’ Spirit represents truth. When our conscience is clear, all is well. So how does conscience sit with some media proprietors who claim the right to distort text and images?

The House of Commons Select Committee into Privacy and Media Intrusion recommended that the ‘Conscience Clause’ be implemented back in 2003 (2+0+0+3 = 5. A Year 5 again! History repeating itself so we look at an issue fully and move forwards). But this Clause has been met with a great deal of opposition. Why? Is this a case of profit before ethics?

Journalists represent the voice of each nation, and most want to make a genuine contribution. But with power comes huge responsibility. Words are energies that create collective potent thought forms, which can literally brainwash society. Media barons are being forced to recognize the right use of power. The media also respond to demand and we are all responsible for buying or reading publications that feed into the system.

Self-Regulation has been recently tested out in the Media. But it’s produced luke-warm results because media organizations are still, to a great extent, setting their own standards instead of bonding together for the collective good. But it’s transition time, and it takes courage to look in the mirror and recognize time to set a new blueprint.

The NUJ Code of Conduct writes about Public Accountability. It commits journalists to correct inaccuracies, to obtain material by honest means, and to act in public interest. More factual reporting will happen as society sees through glamour and starts to recognize the value of truth, respect and service to the community. Indeed, ethics isn’t reserved for the media – it’s important for us all.

Numerology – Words and Names are sound vibrations that help us to recognize life: –

NUJ = 9. Wisdom, knowledge, rules and regulations, power, liberation, inclusiveness. Knowledge comes through experience. Motto: We live and learn.

Leveson = 29/11/2. Light, love, wisdom, power, knowledge, inspiration, clarity, mediation. New ideas take time to implement; keep on trying. Learn the value of co-operation.

Conscience (45/9) Clause (16/7) = 61/7. Peace comes from within. Spirit guides us.

Accountability. = 56/11/2 / Self (15) +Regulation (50) = 65/11/2 and Public (27)+Interest (38/11/2) = 65/11/2. 11 is the teacher; we are learning to align to our highest spiritual potential. Service to humanity. Humanity becoming more conscious.

© Copyright Sonia Ducie 2012

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