Numbers In The News (31). U-Turns On Life

We’ve all changed our minds about a situation and gone from one extreme to the other, but it’s all a part of life. So why do we fuss when friends, family or governments do ‘U-Turns?’

Firstly, U-Turns can upset the apple cart because they demand us to make (sometimes) instant adjustments and face new situations or a dawning reality.

Secondly, doing a U-Turn may require us to ‘eat humble pie’ and say, ‘Sorry, I made a mistake but now I’ve changed.’ This calls for humility.

Finally, a U Turn may be made to suit self or for others. It may also be that we’ve gone as far as we can in seeing a situation from a purely personal point of view and then suddenly, we get it into perspective (bigger picture, soul).

So what about the Numerology?

U (3) – TURN (19/10/1); 3 + 19 = 22/4.

Number 3 requires us to recognize and implement the plan through constructive action. It urges us to finish what we start, to live with joy, love and generosity of heart.

Number 19/10/1 aligns us to soul potential and provides us with a sense of purpose. When we serve the light decisions can be made with clarity and ease. There is a sense of knowing what to do and a mission to act in a wise and selfless way.

22/4 – The Melting Pot; ‘which way am I going, what am I doing?’ Soul wisdom and intuition help us to make decisions that are best for the group. Then with other co-workers we manifest the Plan (22 is a Master Number).

Overall a U-Turns provide us with fresh creative ideas, help us to recognize a plan of action, and then encourage us to build a better world for all.

U-Turns may be painful, or bring relief, or simply provide us with a fast track route out of a tricky situation, but they do teach us to be adaptable to life. Ultimately You-Turns encourage us to serve the greater collective good – and that creates win-win situations all around.


© Copyright 2012 Sonia Ducie

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