NUMBERS IN THE NEWS (34). 21:12:2012 = A New Dawn For Humanity

Today the earth will be in alignment with the sun, exactly at the centre of The Milky Way Galaxy. Since millennia, all cultures have predicted this particular moment in time. That is, the ending of one era (a 26,000 year cycle highlighting collective karma, compassion and service) and the beginning of The Age of Aquarius. At a deeper level, this transition has been taking place gradually over hundreds, even thousands of years.

Life feels different these days – we may sense something has changed but we may not be able to pin point exactly what or why. These shifts in consciousness or vibration have been occurring beneath the surface yet they affect all areas of life in a very fundamental way. Changes emerge from within and we are all connected.

So what new potential does 21.12.2012 hold special for us today?

21st (Day Number 21/3). This is an uplifting and creative energy. It highlights love, wisdom, Divine Will, creative expression, prosperity, fertility of ideas, and spiritual protection. It also provides a point for reflection and focus so that we utilize our potential in a productive way.

12th (December is 12th month. 12/3). Once the seeds of creation have been planted and anchored firmly in the earth, then the first stage of the plan is complete. It may take focus to finish what we start, we may easily get distracted, scatter our energies, but we keep on. Humanity is one family and we can recognize this important message (in the 12 days of Christmas). Being reflective helps us to consciously formulate a new blueprint for the future. Expansion comes from letting go, then we move on naturally.

2012 (2+0+1+2 = 5). 5 Cycle. Through the highs and the lows we learn to make sense of life through applying mind. Commitment and communication may take place between soul and personality. By facing facts all becomes clear; we experience movement, change, and a deeper connection to our soul, people and to life.

21.12.2012 = 38/11/2. Humanity has choice but collaboration, love, co-operation is the only way forwards. Number 11 highlights spiritual alignment, purification, and soul aspiration. 38 is encouraging us to be revaluate, be assertive, stand up, wake up spiritually, and get active in building the plan. Overall this is a breakthrough date that’s asking us to channel our gifts to uplift others. To reach out and help others in our own particular way, and to join together.

What’s truly inspiring is that all around the world ‘special’ dates like today are making people stop, look and listen – to themselves – and to what’s being reflected in the numerology of the date. All life is cycles – in reality there is no beginning or end for all is One.

© 2012 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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  • I have spent most of my life working for peace. I hope that today brings lasting peace to the people of Earth. We need to get past all the hate and fear and exist with love and understanding.

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