Numbers in The News (37). ‘Bees Upgrade The World’

Can a species as tiny as the humble Bee help humanity to grow up, wake up to its responsibilities, and help to preserve life on earth? Yes it can! Bees pollinate gardens and crops, and provide a vital and essential link to our food chain. Bees are amazing net-workers that make the world go around.

However, the bee population has been declining in droves for years. Some argue their decline is due to pesticides, the interference of satellites and magnetic fields, viruses, or unpredictable weather patterns. In truth it may be the result of a combination of these factors effecting stock worldwide.

Last week (Week 15/6; Choice and Change, in 2013 or Year2+0+1+3 = 6 Wisdom, Protection, Service) a group of MPs calling themselves ‘The Environmental Audit Committee’ gathered together to petition the UK Government to ban pesticides which they believe are harming, if not killing off bees. (Many garden suppliers like much of Europe have already banished the sale of certain pesticides). But are bees doing humanity a favour? If pesticides are killing off bees what are they doing to other creatures and to humans?

Life evolves in cycles and the bee population does – like every aspect of life – experience it’s own natural highs and lows. Nature mirrors our inner journey… the light shines bright (high energy) then we experience the ‘dark night of the soul (quiet energy)’; from the cocoon the light re-emerges for our soul to rise again (integration). Numerologists highlight the importance of recognizing these cycles in order to enhance life, harness creative potential, and essentially to uplift the world.

Numerology – Year 2013 can be seen as a 20 + 13, or 20/2 + 13/4. Bees (2+5+5+1 = 13/4). These vibrations highlight: birth, rebirth, responsibility, opportunities for spiritual growth, major transformation, co-operation and collaboration. 20+13 = 33 =
6; this highlights harmony, wholeness, beauty and service. Bees are team players and are teaching us how to provide and look after humanity’s needs. Are bees sacrificing themselves so that we stop and hear the message? Nature is powerful and adaptable but the bees are indeed encouraging us to look at how we treat the planet.

So it’s evident that Honey – that gold elixir of life – really is a jewel worth preserving.
It is a reflection of harmony, love, and community spirit.

© 2013 copyright Sonia Ducie

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