Numbers In The News 39. Sunspots Light The Way.

Sunspots (26/8-karma) look like dark spots on the Sun yet they shine brighter than the moon. They produce intense magnetic activity and powerful solar flares that disturb the earth’s atmosphere, causing havoc with electrical devices and also with humans who are finely wired.

We can attribute world events to Sunspot activity. For example, glacial melting generally occurs during a ‘Solar Maximum’ (there are other factors). Or during the height of the ‘Solar Minimum’ in December 2008 the world entered financial recession en masse. 2008 = 28/10/1; courage, breakthrough, balance spiritual/material, purpose, new direction. 28 (year) +12 (month December) = 40/4; the rebuilding of a new structure for the future.

• Sunspots appear in 11-Year Cycles (11-service, love, aspiration).

• Chinese Astrologer Gan De (22/4-master builder) first observed Sunspots in 364 BC (13/4- rebirth, radical change).

• The most intense Solar Flare was recorded on 4.11.2003 (20/2- birth, love, protection) when satellite instruments were saturated for 11 minutes.

• Sunspot activity can be unpredictable. Some eminent scientists believe sunspot activity can experience Double Peaks over a 10-13 year Cycle.

• 2009 (29/11/2-rise in consciousness, purification) was the last ‘Solar Minimum’ – when the sun was Spot-less for 71% of the year (71/8- readjustment, manifestation, spiritual will).

NASA predicted that May 2013 would be the exact point of the ‘Solar Maximum’, or the Peak of current Cycle 24 (24/6-alchemy, choice, change). In fact May has already produced more X-Flares (the most powerful and extreme) than during the whole of 2013.

• 2013 (20+1+3)= 24/6 (compassion, service, group responsibility, justice, balance and harmony). May month=5 (clarity of mind, cleansing of old misunderstandings, sudden change or movement). May 5 + 24 (year) = 29/11/2 (intense purification, spiritual alignment).

So what now? Current Sunspot Cycle 24 in 2013 (also 24/6) is reminding us that the earth is part of a much larger solar system; we are not alone. We may function as individuals but together we form the soul of humanity. 24/6 is teaching us to harmonise by viewing the bigger picture. Now, during this tipping point or Peak we are resting in the heart, and are being supported by Ray 2 of love and wisdom to make good choices and find the way home.

© 2013 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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