Numbers In The News 45. Oh Sugar!

What do we reach for to help us enhance pleasure or reduce stress? Sugar. White dust, brown crystals, sticky syrup, and pills – there really are so many different variations on the theme. But it’s currently causing concern. From diabetes to heart disease, hyperactivity, alcoholism, and so on, sugar is a danger as it’s being consumed in extreme quantities. Most foods today contain some form of added and usually refined sugar – even savouries – which all helps to fuel our narcotic like addiction to the stuff. It’s impossible to blame the manufacturers as the whole industry is driven by demand.

Sugar beet and sugarcane are natural. Sugar Beet for example, was chewed by workers to pump up their energy when working on their daily toil. In the past Sugar Plantations have re arranged world colonies and perpetuated slavery, induced wars, and altered the political landscape of the world. It’s clearly a powerful accessory.

So what’s the inner message?

Sugar is toxic in large quantities and the average Joe consumes around 24-kilos per year and 33 in industrialized territories; both add to 6 – balance and harmony V gluttony and self-gratification. It is a Carbohydrate (57/12/3 – flexibility, vital energy, mental stimulation, sensual stimulation, relaxation, confidence, processing change).

The word Sugar (21/3; uplifting, active, reflective, confident, nurturing) originates from the Arabic word Sukkar (18/9 structure and power), which came from the Persian word Sheka (17/8 power and truth), then from the Sanskrit name Sarkara (24/6 alchemical means of transformation, balance, love, sensuality and perfection), which originated from the Tamil word Sakkarai (26/8 Karma, revaluation, power, status, love, control and strength). In India sugar crystals were called Khanda (21/3 uplifting, luxury, means of communication). The word Candy (20/2 helps us to relate and open up emotionally, reveals the jewel in the crown, simplicity) is a modern day term for sugar products. So quite a journey.

Sugar fire spreads quickly and easily ignites all that’s around it; a sugar fire can burn at 4000 degrees Fahrenheit (4 the structure alters to allow inner transformation to happen; 000 mirroring the Trinity of Mind, Body and Soul; the birth of new potential). So it’s purest purpose is to restructure life and to purify; it’s also a survival tool that helps us to change and to break free of restrictions. In 2014 – a 7 Year – we can look deeper and ponder upon its original use – for physical energy from divine energy that can be used for the good of mankind.

© 2014 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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