Numbers In The News 44. ‘Selfie’ to Selfless

Nelson Mandela was a truly selfless leader, humanitarian and a wise human being. The word, ‘selfless’ s (1)+e (5)+l (3)+f (6)+l (3)+e (5)+s (1)+s (1) = 25/7 highlights: truth, transparency, trust in the process of life, fusion of life at all levels, a mover and a shaker, manifestation, openness, plus a deep connection with heart, mind and soul. When we describe someone as being selfess, it means they are truly putting others needs first in a big way.

By contrast 3 World Leaders took a smiley ‘Selfie’ at Nelson Mandela’s Memorial Service . They appeared duly proud and honoured to be at the incredible celebration of the Great Man’s life. ‘Selfie’ refers to a photograph taken by oneself of oneself (or of oneself with others) on a smartphone – they’re then posted on to social media networks. These are modern times.

The word ‘Selfie’ is The Oxford Dictionary’s ‘Global Word of The Year 2013’. ‘Selfie’ s (1)+ e (5)+ l (3)+ f (6)+i (9)+e (5) = 29/11/2 highlights new inspiration, clarity, optimism, and conscious change. It also encourages bonding on different levels. Doing a ‘Selfie’ is actually about going for upliftment, but the hidden message is to look at your soul, and not at oneself on the surface.

Humanity has the capacity to be totally selfish and selfless. At the end of the day we are human. But we do know what’s right, what’s best, and we’re learning all the time. Life is but a reflection.

Wishing You A Very Happy And Peaceful 2014.

© Copyright 2013 Sonia Ducie

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