Numbers In The News 47. The United States of Europe.

The European Elections on 22nd May 2014 (22 – new foundation, openness) has resulted in a bit of a shake up rather than a political earthquake (as widely reported). There was in fact a very low electoral turnout. But this snapshot reminds us that life is change, change is life.

The European Union (EU) was formed in 1993 (22/4 – co-operation, collaboration). This followed on from the European Economic Council (EEC) (13/4 transformation) that was set up in 1958 (23/5 – higher vision of love, connection and community) with only 6 European Members. Now the EU is made up of 500 million people (dynamic change), with 28 Member States and 24 different languages (pure alchemy). The Euro Zone has a single currency; the Euro was formed in 1999 (28/10/1 rebirth, regeneration, leadership, spiritual will).

It is obvious that Europe is a powerful and thriving market. However, it is much more than that. The United States of Europe represent a vision of Peace for humanity; a place where we can work things out together and build a solid structure for all.

A wonderful example of unity was at the recent 59th (powerhouse) Eurovision Song Contest. In the winner’s acceptance speech, Conchita talked about her vision of ‘Peace’ – this shining soul delivered an important message to Europe and the rest of the World.

So back to politics, we cannot allow nationalistic selfishness to destroy our Dream of Peace. Europe needs to stay together. We are The Brotherhood of Man. This is the way.

© 2014 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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