Numbers In The News 48. Technological Adaptation.

The world is jam packed full of electronic equipment all vibrating at different frequencies, and giving off signals that may interfere with our body clocks, minds and hearts (literally). Many people become ‘electro sensitive’ and find it impossible to be near modern technology. No rest for the good.

Recently, the UK Government announced that all homes must be fitted with new digital gas and electricity meters by 2020 (lets get wise). There are advantages to this; digital meters are said to be more accurate and relay information on usage instantly, thus saving us time and money. However, they are run off WIFI, and like any computing system are open to hacking, crashing, and to wearing out (i.e. products are not built to last – the vast empty cycle of consumer waste and demand is dizzying).

Humanity is one soul, and we are rising in consciousness. Brotherhood is taking hold. We are learning to co-operate and build a better world for all. So what about adaptation? At first we refuse new energy (resistance is healthy), then we go with the flow (desire to keep up with the Joneses). Finally, total acceptance as we align to the new vibration. Humanity is constantly adapting to a new pace, a new rhythm, to let the new in. Technology is mirroring this process.

In 2014 (rising into the light, applying the wisdom of the past) we can use divine intelligence to see clearly and discriminate about what’s needed. Do we need more electronics to teach us we are already one? (we know we are all plugged into the source).

The Universal cloud of electronic pollution hovers over us, but we can shine the light. For example, by adopting solar energy, wind power, wave power, and utilizing (our) energy intelligently and constructively.

France and Italy are the first countries in Europe to adopt EHS Zones, areas free from electronic smog, where buildings are shielded by insulation. The National Radio Astronomy Observation, USA, is also surrounded my 10 mile diameter of land where mobiles do not work.

On 27.5.2011 (sewing seeds for the long term, soul aspiration) The Council of Europe adopted a resolution to protect ‘electrosensitive people,’ thus scientifically recognizing sensitivity in individuals to energy exists on a mass scale. ( It’s a wonderful concept with many more breakthroughs to come to help us adapt to 21st Century living.
Divine Intelligence is within.

© 2014 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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