Numbers In The News 51. Conscious Money.

Money is energy. We are energy. If we try to hold on to money it stagnates or meanders away. Money is symbolic of giving. Tithing – giving 10% of income or like in products to an organization or community – was compulsory in areas of the ancient world. In terms of religions it was given to preserve the continuity of service.

Tithes were mentioned at Council in Tours (France) as early as 567 (=18/9 = regeneration, power, transformation). Tithing (=42/6 = providing care and support for the community, responsibility, wisdom) equates to the concept of Conscious Giving or Conscious Money. Money is to be used for the good of all. Of course giving is unconditional and not limited to 10% (10/1 – vitality, energy, purpose, spiritual will). Energy is endless.

There are great extremes of wealth and poverty in the world today. High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) total around 13.7 million globally. So why is there poverty at all? Giving is the answer. Whilst we all have gifts and skills and the ability to materially ‘earn our bread’, giving can manifest in many ways. For example, in India over 90% of HNWI (=9 selfless service) value and give their time, as well as money, to their community. Time is a valuable commodity. We can all give time to those in need.

Affluence brings choice, education brings better understanding of people and their needs, and soul invokes compassion. Therefore legacy is important to the money-makers of today; individuals, governments and organizations are waking up to the importance of current actions on the generations to come.

Today, the stock market is driven by paperless (object-less) money. Trillions of currencies are traded daily via computers into thin air – money as energy. Like a flock of birds that suddenly changes direction, the markets are unpredictable. Money travels back and forth, repeatedly. We can give money a true sense of value and purpose by directing it for group welfare.

Conscious Money is money spent well. This week, Malala Yousafzai donated all $50,000 (= 5 change) of her World Children’s Prize to rebuild a school in Gaza. She is a wonderful representation of group soul consciousness rising. 2014 is an exciting year to be alive – positive and radical change is all around. Change begins within.

© 2014 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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