Numbers In The News 52. Points of Choice.

There are always things to celebrate and be thankful for in life. During Christmas our focus turns towards the love of family, community and service, and we’re reminded of the importance of giving in every way. We offer compassion to those involved in conflicts and difficulties on a daily basis around the world, and hold compassion for ourselves, as we turn inward to soul for guidance.
During the Winter Solstice the longest night of the year subsides, and henceforth the hours of daylight expand. The return of the Light at the Solstice symbolises Spirit as it dives deep into Matter so that the baby Soul can be born. This process is continually happening; the upliftment of the personality and soul into the light is the journey of mankind. During the ‘darkest hour’ the light can be seen; a gateway appears from within our soul and welcomes us to pass through. The Twelve Days of Christmas (12 the manifestation of the Trinity, the Divine Plan) are also gateways. Each challenge or crisis holds great hope of breakthroughs for humanity, willing great optimism and joy.
As 2014 (20/2 birth, peace, sacrifice, 14/5 pure light, communication, structure) nears its end, we see that this powerful life-force energy has brought to the surface the very dregs of the darkest deepest past, and the cupboards have been aired. Freedom. Many outmoded and ancient structures crumbled in a breath as humanity looked for more emotionally intelligent solutions. In 2014 the emphasis on human rights and education, and fearlessness in going for positive change, helped to rise the understanding that we are souls first, with human needs.
In 2015 (20/2 birth, wisdom, loving kindness, brotherhood) and (15/6 point of choice, wholeness, perception, service) we can learn to take decisions that serve the greater good so that the soul of humanity can rejoice and shine. 2+0+1+5 = 8 (real life, rebirth, inner strength,) reminds us to take stock, and find truth through humility. 20+1+5 = 26/8 karma is the spiritual guide encouraging us to wake up and take responsibility for the part we play in creating life as it is; the world is in our hands.

Wishing You Peace At Christmas.

© 2014 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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