Numbers In The News Feature 61. Election Fever.

Presidents and world leaders are elected according to whatever the energy is doing within the general Date – according to the consciousness of the world and its needs at that moment in time. The Date reflects the qualities required (for the group and individuals) for the next stage of soul development for humanity. On the surface it may look like the winner will be the person who shouts the loudest or who lays on the most expensive campaign, but ultimately we all serve the Divine so it’s whoever’s needed.

The current American Election campaign has divided the whole planet in an compulsive way akin to ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ on social media, and has been intensely personal (do we really need to see candidates medical records?). It has however helped us to express our opinions and our truth. Even more the process has provided us with a powerful opportunity to clear away huge amounts of karmic debris from the past – hate, anger, revenge, mistrust, fear, mindsets, behavioural, conditioning, etc. Qualities that have been brought to the surface to be named, recognized and transformed. What an awesome collective tidal wave of purification and healing it has been. Overall the USA candidate dialogues have appeared decisively un-glamorous at times, but even that has helped us to break down the walls of illusion and see reality for what it is. Nothing is perfect – we all have work to do.

So lets’ look at the Election Date to see what qualities / potential experiences / energy is flowing into our system on that date.

USA Election Date. 8th November 2016.

Day Vibration: 8.(behaviours)
8 Karma – big responsibility.
8 helps the ego to align to the greater vision of humanity (soul).
8 enhances patience and humility.
8 highlights revaluation and rejuvination;
8 helps us to cut away old ties (if the work has been done).
8 strengthens from within.
8 success (life) and power (spirit).
8 keeps our feet on the ground (reality check).

Month Vibration 11.(personal vision)
Service to humanity.
Balancing act.
Soul aspiration.
Inspired Creativity.
Good / best decisions.
Spiritual Will.

Overall Date – Soul Vibration 28/10/1 (8+11+2+0+1+6). (group/soul expression)
Mind illumination.
New Ideas.
New Opportunities.

Year 2016.(Collective/Group)
Turn around (glamour on the outside to soul within).
New ideas.
All things possible; pure potential.

A powerful Date for a Leader who will be required to handle power in an impersonal way, what’s best for the all. So instead of proclaiming, ‘may the best person win’, let’s say to the Candidates ‘be yourself.’ We can rest assured knowing that at a deeper level the right person will be elected for the job anyway.

© 2016 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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