Numbers In The News 60. ‘International Suicide Awareness Month’

September is ‘International Suicide Month.’ It’s a difficult subject to approach due to the high incidence of social stigma, judgement and blame it attracts. The small percentages of people who sadly take their lives often hide their condition well. It is altogether a hidden illness and a hidden subject that needs to be brought into the light.

Grief is a natural and necessary part of life – each day there is a birth (gain) and a death (loss) – but nature is strong and knows how to survive. Addictions, depression, mental illness and fragmentation can be experienced by anyone but underlying issues need to be recognized and addressed in order to keep on the path.

September 2016 is a good month to be looking at all our feelings and issues associated with suicide and it is an ideal time for this important Campaign to create awareness and discussion.

September is the 9th month of the year, with a 9.9.9 date, in a 27/9
(20+16) Year. 9 is the number for passion and education. It helps us to look at issues factually so as to gain wisdom from our experiences and grow; sometimes problems simply dissolve and disappear. 9 offers ‘tough love’ – lets learn lessons and get on. 9 provides a powerful passageway from one place or state to the next; from one 9 cycle to the next.

During this 2016 (20+16) = 27/9 Year humanity has been given the opportunity to delve deep into soul to access naked truth. Yes there is great instability and fragility, but in the light we sew new seeds and make commitments for the future.

Every country in the world is in turmoil and this Year can intensify the feelings of pressure – suicide is never the best option. The journey of the soul is long. Through right education and increasing awareness in ‘International Suicide Month’, and love, compassion and community, we can all get through.

Love, Life and Light.

© Copyright 2016 Sonia Ducie

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