‘Number 8 = The ‘X’ Factor?’

Professor Howard, Audio Specialist at York University has discovered that when enigmatic choristers reach notes of around 8,000 HZ it creates a ‘shimmering sound, something way beyond words that connects to the soul.’ So what is this ‘X’ Factor that makes a singer really stand out from the crowd and the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention?

All sound vibrations emanate from soul. But the number 8 (8,000 kHz) acts like a lightening conductor channelling spiritual energy right down through the rod or spine and back up, repeatedly. The aim is to allow the sound to travel right through, and to align to its natural rhythm so that the energy can be ‘used’ for the highest good. So perhaps ‘special’ singers are those who are able to recognize that they are purely an instrument for soul. They can lose themselves and surrender their ego as they open up to their inner source of creative spiritual energy, offering their voice as a gift to the world.

Susan Boyle, that illuminating Scottish singer who has gained phenomenal worldwide success since appearing on the English version of ‘The ‘X’ Factor’, is a prime example. She appears humble (an 8 quality), possesses inner strength (an 8 attribute), and is extremely magnetic and popular (8 qualities too). But does this all add up to the ‘X’ Factor? In interviews Susan’s always expressing how grateful she is to be able to sing. Swedish group Abba also sang, ‘Thank You For The Music, The Song I’m Singing,’ with pride, humility (more 8 qualities), and again with gratitude for the privilege of being able to use their gifts.  Indeed, they say you either have ‘it’ or you don’t, but the missing ‘X’ factor is actually the ability to be able to forget self and stand in-spired by the light and love, and by connecting with soul.

Professor Howard continues to say that he’s searching for ‘an emotional driver’ to help teach children to reach that special ‘shimmering sound.’ Whilst most people enjoy singing in the bath, not everyone can reach the dizzying heights of an opera singer or a chorister. Great singers are natural at their art and make a performance look so polished and effortless. They are truly at one with the divine.

© Copyright 2011 Sonia Ducie

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