It’s a New Years Day

Happy New Year! Today’s date 1:1:2011 is a precis of the precious year ahead. There are lots of 1’s influencing us today bringing opportunities to… start again, take a different view on a situation, discover a new path, inject fresh energy into life, and to bring our potential out into the light of day.  Number 1 can help us set our ideas and intentions for the future and enable us to feel more at one with the world. 1 represents the Spiritual or Divine Will that encourages us to focus our own personal will on what’s important; true progress cannot be halted for ultimately soul takes us forwards in the right direction.

2011 is a Year 4 (2+0+1+1), heralding in the qualities of perseverance and determination so that we can lay solid new foundations and adapt to a new way of life. 2011 can also be viewed as 20-11. The 20 is helping us give birth to the inner wisdom we’ve accumulated from the past so that we can live better lives; the 11 is encouraging us to follow our aspirations, and also to wake up and serve the greater good (all in the spirit of unity).

In the first seconds of the new year, spectacular firework displays lit up the skies in major cities around the globe; each were unique, but all were celebrating hope for humanity. The overall Date Number 6 (1+1+2+0+1+1) reflects this seed of hope, and reminds us that it’s only teamwork that will get us through; as a group we can bring more love into our community and light up our lives in 2011.

© Copyright 2011 Sonia Ducie

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