The London Organizing Committee of The Olympic Games (LOCOG) have – in a strange way – seen the light by truly recognizing the power of numbers! They are creating legal obstacles for an events company that is planning to trademark, ‘The Great Exhibition 2012,’ because it contains the same date and creates unauthorized associations with the Olympic Games. LOCOG have suggested that using the date ‘2012’ in the title makes it far more valuable as a trademark.

But how can anyone trademark a date, and what is it about 2012 that has already set legal teams point scoring before it’s even begun? Can one date really be ‘net worth’ more than another? Numerologists know that, ‘best timing’ does exist, and Numerology offers precise information to help unlock the potential of any given date.

2012 is a 5 Year (2+0+1+2 = 5) so we know we can expect the unexpected. The 5-cycle keeps us on our toes, frees us up from outmoded patterns or situations, and helps us to look deeper at our lives from the point of view of truth. It’s a great time for making new connections, enhancing communication, and for applying common sense.

Isn’t it great that the Exhibition intends to promote cultural diversity in the British Isles whilst helping to boost the economy? It’s 5-cycle.. it will all blow over.

© Copyright 2011 Sonia Ducie

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