Number 39 – Good For Business?

A phobia of the Number 39 is currently gripping Afghanistan. They’re speedily designating vehicle licensing plates ending in ‘39’ to the scrap heap, dispensing with mobile phones ‘contaminated’ with the auspicious number, and people aged 39 are instantly turning 40! Car dealers are making thousands by charging exorbitant fees to alter number plates.
Superstitions are subconscious fears that rise to the surface based upon memories of past events. The fear is primordial – something appears to threaten our very existence. As with the Number 13, fears compound and can escalate for generations to come. So what is it about the mysterious number 39 that has caused a nation to go haywire, and is this a superstition in the making?

Numerologically, the 39 help us to become more reflective so we can recognize life on all levels (mind, body, spirit). It helps us to let go of the past and create a new blueprint for the future. In a 39 cycle, life may verge out of control until we learn to embrace responsibility and become co-creators of our journey. Number 39 help us to access inner soul wisdom and to utilize our earthly knowledge so that we can inspire others. 39/12/3 is associated with service on every level. It contains the trinity number 3, 9 (3 x 3), number 12 (4 x 3), and ends with a 3. It offers us spiritual protection – we are all one with the process of life.

In 2011 – this momentous year where the need for faith in the future, trust in the present, and personal responsibility is heightened – number 39 is drawing to our attention joy, creativity, and spiritual upliftment. A 39 cycle is a like a final fling – the last step before a situation transforms forever. For the Afghanistan people it may be heralding in a deeper freedom of expression. However, the message to us all is to look up.

© 2011 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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