‘The Party’s Over.’

Week 39 was an incredible week – South Sudan found it’s freedom (3) and the Dalai Llama celebrated a birthday (6.7.2011) in a momentous year, which will see him resign from politics. So when Labour Leader Ed Milliband stated, ‘The world has changed this week’, he was right. Life will never be the same again.

On a deeper level this is not simply because the populist red top newspaper, ‘News Of The World’ has been unceremoniously resigned to the rubbish bin, or because the last (for now) space shuttle has landed safely back on earth, or even because (gasp) Harry Potter has finally taken his last curtain call. It’s much bigger than that – consciousness is rising and positive people power is making all the difference. As Ed said when referring to the withdrawal of News International’s bid for BskyB, ‘This is a victory for people up and down the country’. In truth, we want transparency, we want to know whom we can trust, and we want it now – so to speak. Yes Week 39/12/3 – the sacrificing of our desires in order to serve the greater good – was like a wildfire and the pressure released.

Of course consciousness is more than a feeling, it’s a movement of energy that rises up so that we can see the light and serve truth. When we do what’s best we feel gloriously at peace within ourselves; we can sleep safe at night knowing there are no hidden shadows playing with our conscience and torturing us awake.

Now here we are, Week 40, also bang in the centre of this Year 4 (2011 = 4), when Ed Milliband again pulsed, ‘Power without responsibility doesn’t work!’. Responsibility, a key issue we all need to address in a 4 Cycle. Yes there may be a ‘bloody mess’ as the structures of old are crumbling faster than Rome. But the seeds of hope are evident – new foundations are taking shape to reflect the mass awakening of truth. It may be overwhelming at first, but we can find from within the endurance to carry. It’s worth it.

© Copyright 2011 Sonia Ducie

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