The True Value of Gold

So what is the true value of Gold? Investors have been snapping up this precious metal at unprecedented rates sending prices rocketing. During the early 1980’s Gold stabilised around 350 USD per ounce yet today it’s reached 1880 USD.

It’s obvious that investors are seeking the safety and security in the riches of the material world as a reaction to the current climate of intense instability and change. Previous Races of Mankind have experienced similar times of transition. Today we too are enduring the bumps and grinds as humanity shifts and consciousness rises. We are all seeking the ‘Philosopher’s Stone’ – the magic process that can turn our earthly experiences towards the pure light of gold (the jackpot). Indeed the turning of base metals into silver or gold is richly rewarding if we can learn from the process and use our wisdom to uplift humanity.

The Sumerians of Mesopotamia (Iraq/Iran) used gold for sacred worship, decoration and adornment around 5th Century BC. Number 5 enables us to seek and find a deeper meaning to life. It enhances the connection and communication between heaven and earth.

The Early Egyptians issued Gold coins too. But it was Turkish King Croesus of Lydia (Turkey) in 560 BC who produced the first known Gold coins to be used for commercial trade and exchange worldwide. 56 adds up to 11, which represents a speeding up of spiritual transformation and a wake up call to service. The Lydian gold coins were originally used as a means of ‘exchange’ and not for power or personal gain – the 56/11 delivering a clear and potent message.

For 45 years leading up to WW1, exchange rates for Gold remained exactly the same between USA, UK, Germany and France. 45/9 highlights a transition phase from the old to the new. There was a new dawn awakening, providing an opportunity for a new way of life and choices to be made.

The British Royal Family have for generations used pure Welsh Gold to make their wedding ring – 24 Carat Gold is the purest. Number 24 – the master of love, providing emotional and physical security, aiming to balance past, present and future in perfect harmony. Gold is used in Medicine in the East. Cleopatra glamorised her outer beauty by wearing Gold. When we describe a human with ‘a heart of Gold’ we really mean they are a beautiful soul.

Here we are in September (the 9th month)- 9 (transformation, wisdom) in the Year 2011; 20 (birth) and 11 (rise in consciousness), focusing our energies on Gold 20/2 (human desire overshadowed by the shining light of soul). Soul and matter working towards peace.

Copyright © Sonia Ducie 2011

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