Number Repetition – It All Adds Up

Numerology is the resounding power of numbers, a symbolic language that guides us further inwards to connect with the divine (soul). In equal measures it brings us clarity about our daily lives…health, career, relationships. All is one.

Numbers repeat themselves; the cycles 1 – 9 are builders of life that help to set us free. There is no wiser than 9 for it encompasses all, no greater potential than 0, which then gives birth as a 1 (out of the light – into the love). Cycles offer us opportunities to learn, grow, and ultimately to become one. Responsibility teaches us to make the most of our potential.

Every single number is significant! But we may suddenly dance in awe at the sight of a specific number that catches our eye. For example, currently the world is chattering in heightened discussion about ’11.11.11’. Does this date breathe deeply with some kind of mysterious message? What are those numbers doing to make so many people stand up and take notice?

In an open translation of the ancient scrolls of ‘The Corinthians, 13:1’, it says. ‘Whether I speak in the language of angels or mortals, if I do so without love then I sound like a clattering cymbal.’ When there’s too much rattling of mind or conversation it creates easy distractions rather than helping us to see the truth. The message of 11.11.2011 (indeed all numbers) is to listen from within so we can extract the gems of wisdom. We have all the answers within ourselves. The power of numbers lies within. All will be revealed.

© 2011 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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