The United Nations declared that the 7th Billionth baby has been born today – 31.10.2011. They also predict that by 2100 the population will return to 6 Billion. So what’s it all about?

31.10.2011 adds up to 45/9. The Day Number 31/4 highlights flag bearing; it’s as a good time to highlight pressing issues, and to utilize new ideas that can make a difference to the world. The overall number 45/9 reminds us that we have come to a full stop. Now is the turning point – good time to let go of the past and to think and act as one. Humanity has adapted and learned how to survive, but soul transformation is the name of the game.

7 (Billion) emphasize our spiritual connection; humanity is one soul. The truth is -what effects one effects everyone. This is more obvious to see with the turbulent weather patterns, where we are forced to reach out to other countries, cultures, and neighbours, to ask for help, to unite as one.

If the UN prediction is correct, there will be 6 Billion earthly residents by 2010 (= 3. Uplift, observe, communicate). Still a lot of people! This highlights our desire to return to times of harmony and balance, to discover compassion, and to respect mother earth.

The World is crowded; we need to re-think how to preserve our resources to provide for future generations. 7 is reminding us to manifest necessary changes into reality.

© 2011 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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