In 2011 there really are no reference points to the past. New energy is uplifting our hearts and minds, and it’s a glorious time to re-define our future, now.

The New World order ‘speaks’ of equality in all ways; people of the future will be blessed with more choice and freedom. One landmark change in progress is the dissolving of the ‘Right of Succession Act 1688’ (23/5) for children in The Monarchy. How many lives have been sacrificed by the desire to produce male heirs to rule home, business, or kingdoms in the past?

On 28.10.2011 (adds up to 42/6), in Perth (31/4), sixteen (16/7) Heads of Commonwealth Countries agreed that all future first-borns, male and female, will equally ascend The Throne and be able to choose to marry Roman Catholics. (In future this may be changed to include all religions). The Day Number 28/10/1 highlights pioneering, courage, and the conviction of the soul as it sets about a new journey. The overall Date 42/6 highlights solid, practical change in order to create stability, and wise choices. Number 16/7 enhances the ability to recognize people’s needs and see the bigger picture. Perth 31/4, the flag bearer that heralds important issues, demonstrated that conflicts can be alleviated when there is the both practical and spiritual motivation and endurance.

However, the real message is for us all; Spirit (male) and Matter (female) are one – liberation. These energies are constantly fusing together through us. Hopefully, the 7 billion people can today strongly feel the connection and that pull between heaven and earth.

© 2011 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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