Numbers In The News 25. ‘A Day To Make A Difference.’

8th May is designated ‘World Red Cross Day’ in celebration of the birth date of its Founder Henri Dunant. The global theme for 2012 is “Together for Humanity”, and it intends to highlight the importance of forging local and global associations.

The International Red Cross was founded on 17 February 1863 by Henri (36/9) Dunant (20/2) = 56/11/2. His names highlight an humanitarian, with a generous spirit and a gift for communication. Henri demonstrated his love for humanity through positive action and by collaborating with others. The day number 17/8 highlights this organizations journey on the path to truth. The overall date (17+2+1+8+6+3 = 37/10/1) brought The Red Cross a great sense of vision, purpose and leadership.

The Red Cross is based upon the concept of neutrality – its members can enter any country and help people in need without risk to life. In 1864 (1+8+6+4 = 19/10/1, highlights the light of soul, purpose and direction) the Geneva Convention was formed, which was based on Dunant’s ideas. In 1901 (1+9+0+1 = 11/2) Henri received the first Nobel Peace Prize (along with Frederic Passy). This date highlights a great call to service, cooperation, peace, love and wisdom. It also highlights the power of negotiation.

Henri’s beliefs in inclusiveness, co-operation, and service to the group were ahead of its time. Group work is the theme of today. Together we make a difference.

The 2007 Floods…I stared in disbelief when The British Red Cross arrived on my doorstep with caseloads of bottled water. Indeed three weeks without running water served to heighten my awareness of those who are not so lucky. Those people who live in disaster areas or war zones with no access to clean water. It also emphasized the power of spirit, and the incredible courage of the volunteers of The International Red Cross who venture out daily into the great unknown.

The message, ‘Together For Humanity’, reminds me of the bonding together of my local community that took place during the 2007 Floods, and which takes place every time we put the needs of others first. Together we can uplift the world.

© 2012 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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