Numbers In The News (26). Hard Work Counts.

The ‘Work Harder’ mantram is resounding sharply around the UK after recent comments made by Foreign Secretary William Hague indicated that we need to apply extra elbow grease to work our way our of recession. Good idea in principle. But what does ‘work harder’ mean to a single mother of 3 children who also holds down a full time job, or to a business leader who works 12 hour days seven days a week? How can we work harder when time seems to disappear into thin air and there’s always so much to be done?

Numerologically, Month 5 (May) and Year 5 (2+0+1+2), is why Hague’s message packed such a powerful punch. 5 + 5 = 10/1 highlights dynamic change, a fresh approach, vitality, innovation, communication and leadership. Yes, a time to go for it and get life back on track.

There are always ways to work harder it’s true. We can work harder at time keeping to increase productivity. We can become better communicators to save time and money and enhance our relationships. In essence everyone has something they can do to improve their ‘work’ output – on the physical, emotional, mental or spiritual (growth) levels.

Numerology helps us to find our own rhythm in life in order to bring out the best in us. Look at the numbers in our chart and see how we may be able to work harder at improving life right now: –

1. A positive mental attitude helps us to focus on our intentions.
2. Make good decisions with intuition and wisdom – it opens up doors.
3. Design a plan of action, then execute and follow through.
4. Take responsibility; perseverance pays off.
5. Question life at all levels – communication leads to insight.
6. Do what’s best – to enhance harmony.
7. Walk our talk and trust. Spirituality keeps us strong.
8. Wake up; revaluating life regularly enhances success.
9. Do our best.

Work is food for the soul. Remember to work hard at enjoying life too!

© 2012 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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