Numbers In The News (27). The Queen’s Special Year: Diamond Jubilee 2012.

The Queen’s celebrated her 86th birthday on 21st April 2012, so her Personal Year Number is a 30/3 or 3. This number is key to the type of experiences that may await Her Majesty this year. What a perfect time for a Jubilee Celebration – the 3 is ideal for entertainment, and brings great joy and divine inspiration.

Year 3 highlights creative expression, prolific activity and abundance, so she’s right on track. Indeed it’s visible to see that she’s beaming from ear to ear and laughing louder than we’ve ever witnessed in public before. This vibration may help QE2 to let her hair down, and encourage her to take time out to stop and smell the roses (with precision multi-tasking it must be possible to slot this into her busy diary).

It’s time for serious fun – yes The Queen may be tempted to indulge in practical jokes (where do you think Prince Harry inherited his playful side from?) or put on her best impersonations for family and friends.

On a more serious note the 3 Year may encourage her to communicate more with the public in a hands on way. It is time for reflection and to set a new agenda for the future. But she can relax – Wills has a wife in the lovely Catherine, Charles and Camilla are happily settled into wedded bliss, Harry is doing his bit for the Queen & Country, and two great grandchildren have joined the clan (more to come).

Relaxation is a 3 quality, which Her Majesty thinks and cares deeply about. No, not a day at the races or a walk through Balmoral. Gary Barlow – the Jubilee Concert organizer recently revealed that she was concerned that her family would be able to get a good nights sleep after the Jubilee Concern had finished as they resided at the front of Buckingham Palace and there would be very noisy. Thoughtful.

A 3 Year is a great time to count your lucky stars, and what a blessed life The Queen has experienced in terms of her love for family and country and her incredible devotion to 60 years of service. (6 highlights teamwork, community and choice). The 3 Year can help Queen Elizabeth to be adaptable to change. Indeed, she’s seen it all and experienced the great highs and lows but takes it all in her stride. The Queen is a part of a modern Monarchy and in a 3 Year this idea may be progressed. Indeed we already know she loves to text message, but does she have a Facebook Page?

Her age 86/14/5 enhances her voice of wisdom. She already communicates her truth and values effectively and she is as revered by friends and family as she is by world leaders, and the commonwealth.

So we’ll get the flags out and enjoy the wonderful spirit of love and life and join in the party. Here’s to the future!!

© 2012 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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