Numbers In The News (28). Invisible Art: The Power of No-thing.

Gazing at number symbols helps us contact intuition, and to ‘lose ourselves’ by disappearing into the subconscious mind – the realm of infinite potential. Numbers provide a bridge to the unseen soul – a space of pure connection and consciousness.
The ‘Invisible Art Exhibition’ at the Hayward Gallery in London is also providing opportunities for us to contact mind. They have provided conceptual art pieces – blank canvases, an invisible Labyrinth, a movie containing no film – to stimulate us to go beyond the physical. Many great artists have contributed to this Exhibition, including Yoko Ono, and Andy Warhol who momentarily stepped onto a plinth leaving his energy invisibly imprinted onto the object forever. There are countless opportunities for us to experience how full life really is!
Fine artist Yves Klein was the first to organize an exhibition on Invisible Art in Paris in 1958. So why then and why now? Well it’s perfect timing.
1959 = 1+9+5+8 = 23/5. 2012 = 20+1+2 = 23/5.
There are 50 or 50/5 items in this Exhibition.
In Numerology 5 is the number for mind/soul, and the 23/5 greatly stimulates mind and imagination to produce inspired creativity.
Humanity’s future is based upon what we don’t know; this precipitates striving, pioneering, and growth. The no-thing is key to our very existence. This Invisible Art Exhibition opens our minds. It’s an important reminder of the ultimate source, which is soul. All is One and One for all.

© Copyright 2012 Sonia Ducie

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