Numbers In The News (29). ‘No Regrets.’

Recent research by ‘Electric Zebra’ revealed that 50% out of the 2000 people they recently interviewed, indicated that regrets influenced the way they lived their lives, yet two thirds said it had led them to think and act more positively, and that they had learned from those experiences. 50/5 – time for change, communication, and breakthroughs.

It also said that Britons spend 44 minutes each week thinking about things they should have done differently. 44/8 – the number for revaluation. Spirit is encouraging us to let go of any over preoccupation with personality desires, encouraging us to grow up, wake up to reality, accept responsibility, and cut the ties with the past once lessons have been learned. It’s reminding us to be assertive, get organised, and to gain strength from within. Success on a plate!

The research also revealed that money was the issue they least regretted (14% of people – 14/5 – the voice of truth reveals this message). Family issues were people’s greatest regrets (18% – 18/9 revaluation, regeneration, power, control, forgiveness and understanding). How reassuring that relationships are at the very heart of our human existence. Long may this continue.

(c) Copyright 2012 Sonia Ducie

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