Numbers In The News. (30) Every One’s A Winner. 30th Olympiad. ‘London 2012’.

How wonderful to witness country flags proudly blowing together at smart Olympic venues around the UK. The Olympics is indeed inspiring the next generation. Everyone wants to win, but let’s explore what this really means Numerologically.

The word ‘win’ = 19/10/1. The energy of Sirius, pure brilliant sun light that guides us forwards. Vital, energetic, focussed, it enhances mental determination, and offers us the strategic agility to overcome obstacles. It encourages us to be ourselves, to be courageous and to aspire to reach our creative potential. It also highlights the need for humility.

‘Winner’ = 38/11/2. The winner experiences a spiritual initiation process, a wake up call. They express passion, and then with love and wisdom they inspire others to join in the game. There is recognition of gifts along with challenges (to be worked on) and a striving to succeed. Success brings fame, but the greatest reward is being lucky enough to channel their creativity and live up to their spiritual potential.

The winner receives a shiny ‘Medal’ = 17/8. Is the Holy Grail the Medal or the long arduous years of hard work that paved the way to success? The light of truth is seen, along with spiritual revelations. Status, magnetism, and power…they reach the top only to climb down and revaluate. More to do.

So why do we wear Medals around the neck? The neck and shoulders carry responsibilities. In an Olympic Games the pressure of carrying the responsibility of each nation is enormous. It’s a reminder that the person is in service to the group (to soul, their team, the country they represent, and to the sport).

And what do the Medals indicate? Different levels of awareness…

‘Gold’ = 20/2. The greatest achievement is to activate our soul potential, the blossoming of the soul, shining forth from within, by bringing creative potential out into the light of day. Gold like The Olympic Flame and Cauldron. There is a strong element of wanting to get the Gold, to get what I want. But Soul and Personality create the bond that sparks the flame. Teams bond together as one. This is the birth of wisdom.

‘Silver’ = 31/4.  There’s a desire to change the world and make a difference. A relentless striving to achieve results. Spiritual Will drives us to work hard to enhance our performance. Keep expressing self and creativity. As a Flag bearer, there’s a need to remember why we’re so driven. Conflicts need addressing. Physical and mental endurance keep us on track to win the Gold of Soul.

‘Bronze’ = 35/8. Give up the fight for Gold. Gold is within everyone already. Relax, have fun, reflect and revaluate. Reach for the stars, but let go of heavy attachment to physical achievement. It’s time to empower those around us; we grow strong through soulful communication. Reality sobers us up fast. Success is taking responsibility.

Truth is we’re all winners when we’re utilizing our creative spiritual potential and being our authentic selves. The soul light is bright – we all can shine. After we’ve given everything we possibly can, at the end of the day, when we know we’ve done our very best, we know that we really are winners. Bronze, Silver, Gold, it’s all one.

© Copyright 2012 Sonia Ducie

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