Numbers In The News 42. ‘Health & Safety’ Rules.

‘Health (27/9) & Safety (22/4)’ regulations are there to provide important practical (matter) guidelines to help us function safely with a structure (spirit). They are also meant to keep life flowing. Yet the Rules often instigate confusion, anxiety and conflict, and compound challenging situations as we struggle between doing what’s right (left brain) and doing what’s needed (right brain). What is actually required is for us to apply the Rules with the soul qualities of compassion and common sense.

Recently my neighbour had a successful operation at a local NHS hospital; her hip was mending and she was home and all set to go back to work. Yes she was still traumatized. In hospital she witnessed two nurses ‘helping’ a fragile elderly lady out of bed. They were giving her verbal prompts for direction but she stood up and promptly collapsed on to the floor whilst her ‘carers’ watched on.

Similarly my 91-year old mum had an op in the same ward. She had told me distressingly how that morning she got out of bed but her legs were so weak that she went straight down on the floor (I dismissed this as confusion on her behalf at the time but listening to my neighbour now who knows). I am truly in favour of empowering people to take responsibility if they can, but otherwise do need help.

’Health & Safety’ rules discourage healthcare staff from physically touching (i.e. lifting / moving) patients in case they injure themselves. Indeed, an NHS profession advised me, ‘if your mum falls let her fall because she will hurt herself less than you will if you try to stop her’. This shocked me, and although there is truth in this, it tugs at all my basic instincts to want to care and protect for others.

So is humanity losing its common touch? 2013 is a 6 Year where compassion and service are highlighted, along with the shadow aspects of neglect and abuse. Number 6 also highlights fairness and justice, protection for the group, love, compassion and service.

‘Health (27/9) & Safety (22/4) = 49/13/4 = radical change, opportunities for growth, the ability to look at situations factually and practically. Rules and regulations are essential to society. These particular Rules are teaching us to take a step back and see the bigger picture, and then to apply common sense and inner wisdom to create harmony. If we also apply the Spiritual Law of Harmlessness then it will help to ensure that in every situation, the best that can be achieved will be, always.

© Copyright Sonia Ducie 2013

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