Numbers In The News 43. Bring Back Matron?

Watching a poignant documentary about 16 year old Pakistani school girl Malala (13) Yousafzai (42) =55/10/1 – master of communication, change, emotional intelligence) it was stark to hear a UK Consultant who helped to perform her life saving brain surgery say, ‘Malalas chances of getting better were being compromised in Intensive Care, although the surgery went well.’ This was due to the poor levels of hygiene at her local hospital. But does the West actually fare better at this than some Third World countries?

In 2009(29/11 – purification, light, love, wisdom) doctors in the UK were banned from wearing neckties in hospital due to the risk of cross infection. Yet today nurses and healthcare professionals travel to work in their uniforms where they subsequently pass on germs and viruses to sick and vulnerable patients. America is one step ahead… In 2011 (4 Year – practical structures, personal responsibility) A Draft Legislation Bill based upon a 25-member Advisory Council states that one of its intentions was to, ‘ban the wearing of uniforms outside of the hospital or other healthcare settings.’ This included the wearing of ties, jewellery and watches.

During the good old days Hospital Matrons (27/9 – idealism, compassion, discrimination, creating a fertile space for new life to grow) made sure hospitals were hospitable to life, and kept wards clinically clean due to the enhancement of good basic hygiene. They worked tirelessly and rigorously to maintain standards. My formidableAunt Molly was a Matron at St. Mary’s Hospital, Paddington. She once chastised me for daring to send her a letter when I had a cold. ‘Don’t spread germs around!’ She was also keen on fresh air (‘the best tonic’) but now air conditioning plays a modern role in spreading diseases.

2013 = 6+ October= 10/1 = 16/7. It’s a good time to appreciate life as it is, and also to reflect upon ways we can all help to create a healthier society mind, body and spirit. For example, by eating well, taking exercise, meditating, relaxation, encouraging spiritual growth – and by giving back and helping others. Its also important to remember that simple things like washing our hands or flashing a lovely smile can make a real difference. Opportunities are available for us to heal the past – we are open to change.

2013 © Copyright Sonia Ducie

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