Numbers In The News 41. Male Heirs.

His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge (birth certificate names) was welcomed into the world on 22nd July 2013. Whilst there was fever pitch speculation about the baby’s names, it was actually the sex of the child that caused the most consternation. ‘It’s A Boy!’ That night buildings, businesses, lakes and waterfalls across the globe miraculously turned blue in celebration of a new King.

Numerology wise 2013 (20+13 = 33/6) is helping to bring important issues to a head and is creating many radical and positive breakthroughs. It’s also encouraging us to re-arrange the ‘furniture’ in order to address the balance and create more harmony. Hence, ‘The Right To Succession Bill’ has been passed, and for the first time in British history had Kate & William’s first born been a girl, she would have too been Queen.

The birth of any child is always a blessing. However many cultures still impose pressure on women to bare a male heir. This instinctual biological conditioning is due to preservation of the clan and the desire to keep the gene pool strong. It is also about power – the tribe that’s the strongest survives. Fortunately mankind is become more conscious and society is learning to respect the Divine Feminine and recognizing the true value and potential in each and every human being.

Whilst Prince George’s birth took centre stage with global recognition, it is symbolically reminding us of a deeper message – each new born is a child-soul of the world. We are all connected; Humanity is one.

Prince George of Cambridge – what’s in a name?
George (39/12/3)
Alexander (39/12/3)
Windsor (39/12/3) (Royal Lineage).
A Trinity of 3’s. Yes this child is born to serve but is his future all mapped out? 3 represents the Blueprint or Divine Plan, which will be revealed in time. 3 highlights social change, adaptability, education, joy, and reflection. George may be savvy.

George’s title Cambridge (44/8) and his Life Path Number 35/8 (same as the Spencer surname) are both powerful karmic vibrations that will help to enhance his popularity, status and social standing but they portray stark realism too.

George’s Personality Number 22/4 (same as his middle name Louis) indicates great sensitivity, love, warmth and openness, with the strategic ability to negotiate change.

Congratulations to Catherine & William!! Hurray.

© 2013 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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  • The whole Royal Family scene is fascinating. What other person in the world becomes an instant celebrity the moment you are born (or even conceived)? The above numerogical equations are fascinating and to my interpretation show that he will be able to mold himself perfectly well into the life ahead of him.

    All the best


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