Numbers In The News 53. Princess Charlotte and The Election: A New Wave.

The birth of every baby adds a spark of light to life, and inspires hope, optimism and joy. Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine Elizabeth Diana was born on 2nd May 2015 to devoted parents who –like the rest of us – are probably wondering what kind of world she will inherit. Catherine and William are both deeply sensitive people who are committed to their family, royal duties, and also to heralding in a new wave of Royal life.

Similarly in 2015 (a 26/8 or 8 Year, power, strength, rejuvenation) every country in the world is experiencing some kind of turmoil and change. We build tomorrow’s world today, and like the next British Government we all share the responsibility of turning life around this year.

Princess Charlotte’s Life Path Number is a 15/6 or 6, the same as the Year 15, so she is particularly sensitive and aligned to the collective needs. 15/6 highlights service, duty, love, and community. This number also brings in the element of choice about whom or what we serve. For example, there is currently a strengthening within humanity to rise up and link together with other souls for the greater good.

Luckily, Princess Charlotte and Prince George have both been given the same Name Number 39/12/3; they can share in the work, the joy, the fun, and the abundant love of their doting parents and the world. We live in an idealistic world with pressures and high expectations, but the number 3 can help them to take it all in their stride so they keep smiling.

As for the UK electorate we are demanding more, higher standards from our political leadership too. Every Party carries inspiring ideas, but together they form a seed of all the positive change that could be achieved (15/6 – teamwork). It’s been inspiring to have the opportunity to listen to so many Political Parties taking part in the popular Leaders Debate (this model in itself opens up the way for future collaboration). We are truly beginning to understand the power of group work.

Wishing Princess Charlotte a productive and aspirational life.

© 2015 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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