Numbers In The News 54. 6’s – All Change

Whilst dates and patterns like 4.4.4 or 11.11.11 easily alert our attention, it’s actually what’s hidden (beyond the surface) that is the most potent and has the most effect. By becoming more aware and harnessing this energy we can co-create more fully with the process of life.

June 2015 – the number 6 is repeated 9 times.

June (14/5) Fast movement, responsibility of speech, perception.
is the 6th Month.
6th 6.6.6 = 18/9.
15(6)th 6.6.6 = 18/9.
24(6)th 6.6.6 = 18/9.

Everything comes in 3s. 3 provides the Divine Blueprint for life.

Two x 3s = 6 puts the emphasis on relationships, community and brotherhood, group responsibility, and commitment. 6 helps to dispel glamour, alleviate bitterness (nothing’s perfect), and brings things to fullness or completion. Shame, guilt, and abuse are contained within the shadow. In it’s higher aspects 6 offers pure love and service.

Three x 3s = 9 Transformation, wisdom through experience.

Three x 9s = 27/9 Wiping out the past; sewing seeds for the long term future, soul sensitivity, intuition, wisdom, discrimination.

Three x 18/9 = 54/9. (Degeneration, regeneration, experimentation, communication, transformation). Business is also highlighted here. Raising consciousness in business can provide a fast track to positive change in the world. (Donald Trump announced his running for President at the next American elections this month). 54/9 highlights humility to serve and patience.

So what’s the message? Choice and Change.

With so many 6’s this June, humanity is being offered ample choices to turn situations around for the better. Going from self-service (personality) to group service (putting others first / soul) is always the work at hand. Big change is taking place within the collective and humanity is rising up but there are still choices to be made. At the centre of the Year we find the final reminder of this inner alchemical process – 24th June 2015 (38/11/2). Wake up call, revaluation, inner strength, soul aspiration, and breakthrough.

© 2015 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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