Numbers In The News, Feature 55. ‘8.8.8.’ What a Date.

The date 8.8.2015 (2+0+1+5) is an incredibly auspicious date for Numerologists and Mathematicians all over the world. Indeed, China chose a similar date 8.8.08 for the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, which also started at 8pm.

In Numerology, 8 represents abundance, prosperity, power, authority, and (business) success. Many people add an 888 combination to their telephone numbers, addresses and business details to boost their chance for success. So there is a lot of luck associated with these magnetic digits. Esoterically, Number 8 is the Great Redeemer; redeeming the past through the light and rendering past misunderstandings back to their original essence. It’s a strengthening process.

8.8.8 date is a great date to revaluate lifestyle, career, relationships, business, finances, communitarian issues, and so on. We need to keep checking that we’ve done the work necessary – physically, emotionally, and mentally (as symbolized by the 3 x 8s) so we can grow and prosper.

China has been experiencing stock market turmoil recently but the 8.8.8 energy can help with the realignment. China adds up to another 8, C(3) H (8) I(9) N (5) A(1) = 26; 2+6=8. However, 26/8 is also the number of karma (responsibility), which affects the whole world. The year 20-15 or15/6 – is influencing us too. It relates to big choices and big change. The world is being offered opportunities to turn life around for the better.

8+8+8 adds up to 24/6, the number for alchemy and change. Humanity is one soul, and we are being empowered to strengthen life at all levels. It’s the right time, right place for the cosmic, karmic, spiritual alignment 888 to be felt, as we wake up to our group responsibilities. 8 8 8 can test our strength and sober us up. It can also give us the push we need to move forwards.

© 2015 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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