Numbers In The News Feature 56. Celebrations.

There is so much doom and gloom in the world if we look at it simply from the psychological angle – life isn’t always the way we want. But when we rise into the soul and spirit we can always find things to celebrate and be thankful for each day.

September (9th Month)+ 2015 (26) = 35/17/8; we have an 8 – big lessons and success on a plate. It has been an extremely testing year for the world and this month has brought about a shattering of illusions, and a real coming down off the mountain-top to work through issues at a grass roots level.

In our little corner of the world (UK) many celebrated the democratic election of Jeremy Bernard Corbyn as new Labour Leader. Every political leader represents us – the people – in some way, but Jeremy is helping to introduce new views on how Britain can move ahead. For example, by firstly electing a Minister for Mental Illness, which is a major concern to the world as the epidemic of depression, bipolar, and illnesses of the mind need to be studied and addressed. So how did Jeremy’s personal numbers help him get elected?

Jeremy’s deeper soul transformation number is 17/8 and this is repeated 3 times in his chart. Number 17 is the hidden aspect of the
35/8 in the month number for September 2015 when Jeremy was elected.
This means that he was in alignment with the collective energies or general date, which made his chances of success more potent. 17/8 brings spiritual protection whilst the message of truth, trust and integrity is being delivered. 17/8 helps us to get back on track; it is the number for revaluation, strength, power, and it helps us to cut through illusion. Humanity is rising in consciousness and Jeremy’s energy mirrors the hope for a new world and positive change.

AIN (Association Internationale De Numerologues) and The Connaissance School also celebrated its 22nd Birthday in September, with around 35 professional Numerologists from around the world gathering together at a fun and inspiring weekend celebration in Royston. These organizations focus on group work, soul transformation and the rising of consciousness. On a practical level Numerology enables us to create better lives by allowing us to recognize and utilize hidden creative potential.

Whilst Corbyn may impart a very different type of leadership based on what’s needed right now – he intends to turn everything to gold (soul)
– later on a different energy will lead the Labour Party. Life is always in transition, so keep smiling – we are all part of the change.

© 2015 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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