Numbers In The News 57. ‘Wisdom.’

Wisdom is gained through experience, which is particularly apt during the incoming Year 2016 as we are under the influence of a 9 cycle.
During a 9 Year we learn to discriminate factually about all that has happened to us and to the world in the last 8 cycles.

Cycle: 1; pure light /vision, 2; love / co-operation, 3; divine intelligence / blueprint, action, 4; responsibility/ structure, 5; higher intelligence / communication, 6; concept / completion, 7; fusion / truth, 8; karma / revaluation, 9; selfless service / wisdom.

From the soul point of view all experiences are valuable, and through inner reflection lessons can be learned that make us stronger and more fit to serve humanity. Soul turns experiences to gold so we can shine from within and become ourselves. But the journey is long, and the inner work requires commitment and endurance.

Indeed, 2015 has been a tough year where humanity has been forced to get real about the world politically, environmentally, socially, and so on. The ‘get real’ aspect contained within the 8 Cycle (2+0+1+5 = 8) meant we needed to make key decisions about whether to follow the path of soul or to continue on the glamorous path of personality (self serving and separate). In all pockets of the world more and more people chose to consciously work together in the light of soul (group) to demonstrate goodwill, cooperation, and service.

2016 – Year Cycle 9. (9, 20+1+6 = 27/9, 20+16= 36/9).
Cycle 9 helps us to release the past and let go of expectation. It asks us to learn to love giving – without the expectation of receiving. It’s a fertile time for new ideas, and for sewing seeds that can provide for humanity long term. It will help us explore long terms commitments.

This 9-Year will encourage us to keep moving, adapting, growing, and use our gifts to creatively inspire others. It can help us to become more compassionate, understanding, tolerent, and connect with the eternal source of unconditional love (soul). It’s a great cycle for self improvement, education, teaching and learning.
2016 is ultimately about humanity demonstrating wisdom and setting a good example for the future generations to come.

Wishing you all an enriching and transformational 2016!
Love and Light,

© 2016 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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