By 2018 (11-wake up, 18-degeneration/regeneration) the seas of the Pacific will contain more plastic (26/8-karma) than on land; within 30 years it’s predicted the world’s oceans will be full with plastic objects. 90% (9-transformation) of sea birds washed up on beaches test with plastic compounds in their bodies. This is as serious as climate change. In this day and age we are learning to think twice about how we use plastic. For example, we can re use or recycle plastic bags, or use alternative natural fabrics. The world’s atmosphere (air-mind) like the seas (water-emotions) is chocked with innocuous toxins too.

However, where there are problems there are always solutions. Today scientists and environmentalists have already invented ways to clean seawater for human consumption, to collect and dissolve plastic in a way that makes it safer for the environment. They know that planting specific types of trees will oxygenate the atmosphere faster, that using biodynamic farming or less toxic chemicals will nourish the land and earth (which is depleted of minerals) and boost the proliferation of insects and bees.

Symbolically plastic water –poisonous water – refers to glamour and selfish desires. For example, ‘plastic society’ where teenagers are self obsessed and over focussed on plastic surgery, drowning under the influence of celebrity role models. Plastic also refers to our throwaway society, and the ‘I want this, get that’ attitude towards materialism and objects, which creates emptiness and superficiality.

However, experience is the best teacher especially in this 9 Year – it leads to greater awareness and wisdom. As consciousness heightens, issues rise to the surface to be healed. We are the environment; we can make less pollution by cleansing and clearing out our inner debris, and in doing so help to create a brighter future for the planet and humanity.

2016. 20/2 (-gestation) and (1+6)=7 (-wholeness in nature) = 27/9; preparation, new energy, long term commitment, soul wisdom, fruits of nature, planting seeds of hope.
Year 27/9; Discovering The Way.


© 2016 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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