Give Peace A Chance

Listening to the touching statements read out by loved ones in dedication to those 14 lives lost during the ‘Bloody Sunday’ Bogside massacres in Londonderry 38 years ago sent shivers up and down the spine. They are, ’Innocent’, they proclaimed, in one giant offering of love. Then the solemn atmosphere of those gathered outside the Guildhall suddenly changed to one of pure joy and jubilation, as Prime Minster Cameron sensitively offered a full public apology to those concerned – truth at last. There was a tangible sense of release, deep healing within the community, and perhaps a shimmer of hope for the rest of humanity.

Many problems arise out of pure misunderstanding but the humility to say, ‘sorry’ and to mean it, is essential if we are to create stability within so many similar situations around the world. We can also learn to be compassionate with ourselves because we all make mistakes and life is a continual learning process.

So where lay the potential for this massive shift? 15th June 2010. Day Number 15/6, Month 6 (June) and overall Date Number 24/6 (15+6+2+0+1+0 = 24), during Week 24/6 of this Year 3 (2+0+1+0).  We have three ‘6’s’ in the date. 3 x 6 = 18/9; the end of a process of initiation into truth. Old beliefs crumbling, karma being redressed, pure love, service and wisdom highlighting compassion and understanding.

Number 6 enables us to open up and become receptive to soul wisdom, and it provides emotional warmth and security so that we can blossom. It creates space for the heart to heal – love is the answer. Number 24/6 makes us acutely aware that everything works out as it’s meant, in its own time, and always for the best; it highlights fairness and justice. Day Number 15/6 highlights the need for black or white choice – we’re either serving self or the community. This Year 3 is an important time to recognize and learn from the past, so that we can then let go.

But Number 38 provided the most powerful inspiration of the day; the amount of years it had taken for this truth to be revealed (‘Bloody Sunday’1972-2010). 38/11/2 offers the best possible opportunity for breakthroughs, and it did. It created the space for openness and spiritual alignment. Karma helped to redress the balance, love and wisdom prevailed, and compassion poured out of our hearts, and all in the spirit of cooperation. Number 11 highlights a shift in consciousness, healing, and helps us to find ways of bonding together instead of focusing on our differences. The world needs even more of this powerful uplift.

World Peace In Progress.

© Copyright 2010 Sonia Ducie

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