The Silly Season

Numbers jump out at us and they’re our greatest teachers. So why has the world suddenly noticed that there are indeed 5 Sundays, 5 Mondays and 5 Tuesdays in August, and that the next time this occurs is in 823 years time? The message is blatantly clear during this volatile period of growth – the only thing certain in life is change! It’s up to us to recognize the part we all play in the process of transformation and to positively work together to herald in a new way of life. Let’s look at the numbers: 823 adds up to…13/4, and 5 (repetitions) of 3 (days).The 13/4 provides humanity with opportunities to wake up, grow up, and helps us to find the endurance to carry on. Number 5 represents changes in general; the world is being given one almighty push through the birth canal into a new way of life. 5 turns us towards soul, so we can see what really matters. It helps us to gain great clarity and to connect with life at a deeper level. The 5-cycle encourages us to keep communicating and to free up restrictions. The 7 days of the week represent the earthly cycles of nature that are teaching us to trust life, but it’s the 5-cycle that drives all life forwards.The 3 reminds us that we can go with the flow of the river and make the most of life, with the joy in our hearts to uplift others, or hopelessly battle against the tide and create all kinds of ‘headaches’. Perhaps we just can’t be bothered to put in the effort or we may feel as though we want to opt out of life. But conflicts are useful allies if we learn to stop and recognize underlying issues rising to the surface to be healed. Humanity has survived through adaptability, and this is particularly evident during this Year 3 (2010) Cycle.So the fact we’ve noticed 5 x 3 (days) in August is inspiring! We’re fully aware that something big is going on. 5 x 3 = 15/6. All the wisdom and inner beauty of soul is shining through and help us make important choices. Life is one big adventure, but we’re realizing we’re all in it together and it’s love and service (giving) that makes it all worthwhile and fulfilling.August is the 8th month in this Year 3, 8+3 = 11. It’s a significant time for revaluation on all levels and for spiritual awakening. Ideas, projects and plans that were conceived in January (or earlier) may have already born fruit, but we’re learning to recognize how we can all do better. 8 is the karmic re-enforcer, enhancing our sense of personal responsibility and encouraging us to seek strength from within. It’s a good time for us all to recognize how far we’ve travelled, and to aspire to reach our highest dreams.

© Copyright 2010 Sonia Ducie

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