Numbers In The News Feature 59. ‘What is normal?’

With a massive European Referendum taking place on 23rd June almost at the very centre of the Year when the energy is at its peak it was always going to be an intense time.

So this last 24th Week of the year (24/6 – alchemic transformation, service, timing) in Year 2016 = 20+7 = 27/9 (sewing seeds for the long term, commitments, healing and transformation) has demonstrated that we all need to embrace change, turn inwards towards soul, and unite. And the message was clear – at the heart of the matter the 51/6 (Year 27 +Week 24) – birth into the heart, purification, wisdom, compassion, choice and change. Truly, what a heart breaking soulful week it has been – with the senseless massacre of 49 innocent youths in Orlando and the death of one of the UK’s most respected MPs.

What is normal? change! The world struggles to adapt to new challenges and opportunities whilst gazing at a new horizon. Indeed, there is unrest everywhere with elections taking place constantly – no stone is being left unturned.

European Referendum date: 23.6.2016.

What potential is in the date for change?

25/7 Week – birth of consciousness, trust, progression.

23 Day – great highs and lows, divine intelligence, expansion.

6 Month – group work, wholeness.

27/9 Year – transformation, applying wisdom with factual discrimination.

23.6.2016 = 38/11/2. The deeper soul aspiration of this date is to set our minds on fire in order to move us forwards (inwards towards soul and outer expansion) and to uplift consciousness. It is a powerful initiatior – the number for breakthrough – and it carries its weight in gold (soul) that allows the dregs of the past (karma) to be released. What an incredible date for an Election and for the world! Lets see what happens.

© 2016 Copyright Sonia Ducie

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