29.4.2011 – A Right Royal Wedding Date’

Hello World, it’s Kate and William here. We’re having a wedding and you’re all invited! What a big splash this news made, and what a difference it is going to make to the World economy (hopefully people will remember how to spend). Every factory that can churn out Wedding memorabilia will do so, and many clothes designers will profit from sell out stock based on replicating every detail of Kate’s – about to be extensive – wardrobe. Not to mention entertainment companies who are planning parties all over the world.

But what is the real point? This is actually about love, enduring love, friendship and commitment, all highlighted in the overall Wedding Date.

The 29/11/2 (29; 2+9 = 11; 1+1 = 2) Day Number highlights hope, inspiration and inspired creativity. The 11 (also repeated in the Year 20-11) requires us to get our little selves out of the way in order to serve. As the future King and possibly Queen of England they are aligning to their soul purpose on that date.

The 29 highlights can heighten our emotional sensitivity, open our hearts and bond us closer together. This energy can sometimes highlight fear of failure but success is guaranteed as long as we remember to keep giving of our best.

Kate will be 29/11 when she gets married, on Day 29, which may offer an intense wake up call to the kind of life she can come to expect. The 29/11/2 is a spiritually uplifting energy that can help to lighten pressure on the happy couple. It can help us all to access our aspirations and passions in life, and encourage us to put practical steps towards forwards.

The Overall Date Number is 29.4.2011 = 37/10/1 (29+4+2+0+1+1= 37; 3+7 = 1).  It’s a highly fertile and creative energy, encompassing rebirth, leadership, purpose and goal setting. This date can help Kate and William focus on their long-term vision together. It also highlights vitality, originality, fresh ideas, and can be a terrific morale booster – just what The Royal Family and the world needs.

April is the 4th month, and 2011 adds up to another 4 (2011; 2+0+1+1 = 4), this enhances friendship, loyalty and endurance. It can help to cement this wonderful love union. Kate and William were dating for 8 years before their engagement; re-evaluation has helped them reach a new level of understanding. With two earth energies (4 & 8) in this equation, their feet are planted firmly on the ground and they are learning more about responsibility.

29th April 2011: Williams’ Personal Day Number is 63/9; he’s on a mission to change life for the better! Kate’s is 47/11/2 (the same as William’s Life Path Number); this energy is helping make both their dreams come true. Feel the love.


© Copyright 2010 Sonia Ducie



(c) Copyright 2010 Sonia Ducie

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    I’m starting to feel sorry for Prince William. He’s seen the system of Royalty destroy his mother and now I suspect the same thing’s happening with his bride to be Kate, whose legs are getting visibly thinner almost on a daily basis. Really, in this day and age, isn’t it time we put all this nonsense behind us? It doesn’t benefit us and it seems given the pressures involved it no longer benefits the Royals themselves either.

  • Nice blog. Keep it up. We can only predict things after they have happened, but astrology makes surity of those things and careful us….

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