Life Abundant

This week (36) is ‘National Zero Waste Week’ in the UK, where we’re being urged to recycle our waste. Many will adopt an attitude of, ‘not enough time,’ in order to avoid caring for the planet. For example, by leaving electricals on standby or dumping fresh foods in the wheelie bin instead of on the compost heap or in the slops bins that some councils now provide. But it’s so easy to make a difference – by taking a (carry) bag with us shopping so that we don’t add to that festering floating pile of plastics contaminating our oceans, or by reheating foods instead of throwing them away. OK, we’re all at fault because – in this 24/7 blink and you’ve missed it life we live – there never seems to be enough time.

Native Americans profess, ‘take only what you need’ – how wise and true. Gandhi said, ‘there’s enough in the world for everyone’s needs, but not enough for everyone’s greed.’ So why do us humans always want more? Haven’t we realized by now that our DNA is driven towards survival and that so far humanity has done quite well!

The creation of waste signals that we actually already have abundance (which in Numerology is linked in with the number 3). For example, most countries have witnessed food-mountains at one time or another. Think of all the fruit produced by trees and bushes around the world – do we eat every berry, every apple, and utilize every single seed? Even whilst fish and bees experience natural cycles of expansion and contraction they still continue to feed the world. But with a rising population we are going to need to become adept at managing our resources of abundance, to distribute well, and also to avoid waste and use only what we need.

‘As Above, So Below;’ from a Soul perspective nothing is ever wasted as it always contributes towards an experience, a lesson, a learning, and therefore towards spiritual growth. For example, by not recycling we will eventually create an experience of living in a world with an over-abundance of toxic waste, polluted air, dwindling food supplies, and negative emotions. So it’s a case of priorities. If we’re willing to internalise and connect with our soul (with Numerology), we will always find an abundance of creative potential, and infinite possibilities and solutions to life.

So let’s take a look at…‘National No Waste Week.’ It’s being held in Week 36; 3+6 = 9 and in Month 9 (September), which highlights transformation, humanitarian issues, discrimination by assessing facts, choice, the right use of knowledge, and wisdom. 2010 = Year 3, highlights expansion, self-expression, creativity; the way forward is to recognize and learn from the past so that we can create a brighter life. Adding up (Week) 36 + 3 (Year) = 39; 3+9 = 12; 1+2 = 3. This is encouraging us to take on more responsibility, to let go of outdated systems or lifestyles, and to experience expansion by creating new blueprints for the future. Month 9 (September) + Year 3 = 12; 1+2 = 3. During September this can help to enhance our ability to take action where needed, and to get our hands dirty; all hands on deck. So there are lots of 3’s and 9’s during this campaign, which are helping to highlight positive action and service to humanity.

The world feels topsy-turvy right now, but we’re growing up and learning to recognize ways in which we can create a better future together. Remember there is always abundance in life.

© Copyright 2010 Sonia Ducie

1 comment to Life Abundant

  • Hi Sonia,
    You popped up in my google alert this morning.

    I find numerology fascinating and I love what you have written here – it’s so positive, insightful and inspiring.

    I am a 30/3 and my husband is a 36/9 so I find all of this particularly interesting – all those 3s and 9s again!

    National zero waste week this year was based on nothing other than a time of year; it’s a convenient week once children have gone back to school for parents to ‘get their hands dirty’ with doing something positive for the environment, but who knew it was such a perfect week!

    I certainly feel abundant, from having so many fantastic people taking part with the week and for reading your uplifting insights about the week. Thank you so much; you’ve definitely put a smile on my face 🙂

    Maybe I’ll contact you before setting the date next year 😉

    Bright blessings,
    mrs Green

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