The human spirit is alive and well, as ceremoniously demonstrated by the hearts and minds of those involved in the rescue of 33 miners at the San Jose Mine in Chile.

For 17 days the ‘lucky’ miners were lost in their underworld wilderness, facing their demons until they made contact with rescuers. For a further 52 days they regained hope, trusting, waiting for that final moment when they would be reunited with loved ones. For a total of 69 days they remained below ground, but by day 70 the process was complete… The spirit of the Phoenix (rescue capsule) that penetrated deep into the earth had for the final time risen, bringing all 33 miners (and 6 rescue workers) into the light. What a powerful symbolic message for the world.

Pure Numerology: –
Miners. 33/6.
Chile = 28/10/1.
17.8.2010 (=28/10/1): rescue mission began.
13.10.2010 (=26/8); majority of miners rescued.
14.10.2010 (=27/9); completion of rescue.
October: Month 10 of Year 3 (2+0+1+0); 10+3 = 13/4.
69/15/6 amount of days miners spent underground.
San Jose Mine = 43/7.
Phoenix I (47/11/2); rescue capsule
Phoenix 2 (48/12/3); rescue capsule.

True spiritual transformation takes place in the dark (cave) within self. The miners were without outside contact for 17 days. 17; The Holy Grail or search for truth, karma, inner strength, and spiritual initiation. Incarceration for a further 52/7 days. 52/7; trust, patience, soul searching, stark truths, and deep introspection. In total 69/15/6 days spent underground; love and wisdom, discrimination, choices between the light and the dark. The process finished in Day 70/7; nature, spiritual protection, and inner peace. 70 days; truth, trust and introspection = 10 weeks; rebirth. Phoenix rescue date 13.10.2010 brings karmic numbers 13/4 and 26/8. These highlight initiation, responsibility, and with the Month + Year together (13/4) provide enormous opportunities for spiritual transformation, positive growth and change.

San Jose Mine, 43/7; highlights instability, magic – when soul and nature are working as one, dissolves old patterns once recognized truth.

33 Miners. 33/6; the Saviour (soul), service, teamwork, joy, love, wisdom, sacrifice. The miners worked as a team underground aiding their own rescue mission. The 6 rescue workers who were lowered into the perilous mine provided service; they were the silent unsung heroes. ‘Mission Accomplished.’

Chile 28/10/1 aligns with the start date of the whole rescue mission (17.8.2010); he who dares wins, courage, leadership, and rebirth. Phoenix 1 = 47/11/2 – dream come true; Phoenix 2 = 48/12/3 – completion of karmic contracts. The date of the finale adds up to 27/9; wiping out the past and sewing seeds for the long-term future.

As Chilean President Pinera graciously stated, it was ‘teamwork (6) and trust (7) that created this miracle’. The whole world was a part of this collective uplift. Spirit has been reborn out of the darkness – yes the miners really needed those sunglasses to protect them from the brilliance of the (spiritual) light.

© Copyright 2010 Sonia Ducie


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