Age 33: The Key To Love, Wisdom and Security

There’s been much media attention on the Age 33 recently. A Hotmail survey found that you’re more likely to double book yourself in your diary then because you’re so busy working, socialising, and raising a family. You may also have only one hour a day to yourself – luxury!

Numerology wise, 33 highlights:  prolific creativity, action, multi tasking, social confidence, family, love, wisdom, emotional security, service and sacrifice. Age 33 is a good time to learn to be generous, to learn to give love, and to focus on ‘being’ as well as the ‘doing’ so as to maintain harmony.

Age 66 (double 33 in Numerology) is a time when extended family and parental responsibilities can lay heavily upon your shoulders, physically and emotionally. It’s also a creative time for the arts, for community, enhancing your relationships and generally welcoming more love into your life. Your job is to offer back your wisdom and to help others to blossom.

© Copyright 2010 Sonia Ducie

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  • Bob

    In numerology, the meaning of number 33 = 3+3 = 6 is also described by the following characteristics: compassionate, responsible, sacrificing and unselfish, harmonious and balanced, generous, kind, humble, charismatic and charming. Bob from Numerology Calculation

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